Focus Areas

Our Corporate Community Relations efforts support four key areas:

1. Community Enhancement

Through our volunteer work we provide necessities like housing, food, clothing and social services and support sustainability and beautification efforts to help create even better communities.

2. Arts and Culture

Art and culture inspires us to push the boundaries of what is expected, allowing us to stay innovative in the way we do business. Beauty and creativity shines through all of our products, so we are proud to support organizations that foster creativity.

3. Education

Investing in education helps us support today’s younger generation as they learn and grow, allowing them to be ready for the bright futures and excellent opportunities ahead.

4. Diversity and Inclusion

As part of a global company encompassing many different types of people, we embrace diversity and strive to include all voices in our corporate culture. That’s why many of our sponsorships and volunteer activities support our commitment to diversity and inclusion.